The ideal IT service and support is there when you need it.

Our mission is to provide great technical support for our clients and optimum assistance with the maintenance and up keep of their media production and storage equipment to ensure the best outcomes for their business.

We tailor support packages that give you the best outcomes while keeping you in control.


Quality Assurance Testing
Equipment and systems operating efficiently will save time and money
We can perform routine tests to ensure the system or the equipment is up to standard and correct specification.

Performance Monitoring
Fast response times to system alerts is what support is all about.
We can monitor system operations and be included in notifications if something is failing or presenting an issue.

Preventative Maintenance
Attending to issues before they become urgent can save a whole lot of stress.
With our routine testing and monitoring regime, we can often advise a client before something serious happens and provide options for action before disaster.

Technical Trouble Shooting
When something breaks it needs to be fixed efficiently and quickly to minimise interruptions.
If something goes wrong, we can be available on-call to help sort it out.

System Updates & Expansion
Keeping up to date with the latest system features can sometimes create new issues, unless thoroughly  investigated first.
When systems or applications require updating or expanding, we can advise the best way to go about this without causing major interruptions to the business and if required, we can implement the upgrade or expansion for you.

Benefits of Support with AV Intelligence

  • Client focused support
  • Systems maintained and issues resolved
  • Equipment software versions kept up to date
  • Unused hours carried forward
  • Regular reporting and communication
  • Compliment internal resources
  • Client stays in control


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