Equipment Specification & Selection
To maximize ROI, the right buying choice needs to be made the first time.
With our years of experience with all types of businesses in the industry, we are familiar with most of the products available and are able to give unbiased advise as to the best fit for our individual clients needs.

Equipment Integration Planning
To achieve a seamless operating system requires understanding of how each part interrelates to the other.
There seems to be so many products and models and versions and systems and sometimes getting them to talk to each other can have its challenges. We will work through the compatibility issues with existing and prospective equipment and help to identify the areas of possible disconnect in order to achieve a satisfactory resolve.

System Future Proofing
To invest in systems that keep meeting growing business requirements will need products that are technologically current and that have not already reached the used by date.
We endeavor to notify the client of products that have a limited life span or future limitations based on client requirements before commitments are made in order to achieve maximum longevity for the final outcome.

Budget & Timescale Estimates
To have a project completed on time and on budget is every businesses dream.
We like to listen to our customers and in so doing, we endeavour to provide a solution that aligns with estimated budgets and timescales provided by the client.

Solution Specification Document
To know the bottom line is the basic fundamental for any decision maker.
With the information that has been gathered during the consultancy phase and the design phase, we are able to provide a solution spec and quote that is as accurate as possible to assist with the clients planning and preparation.

Benefits of Design with AV Intelligence

  • We offer unbiased advice providing best fit for the Client
  • We ensure best utilisation of existing equipment to avoid duplication
  • We ensure best utilisation of existing staff to avoid extra costs
  • We investigate compatibility and efficiencies with other equipment
  • We keep on track with the Client’s budget


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