Thinking IT Through


Constructive thinking starts with asking good questions.

We help you ask the right questions so you can make the right decisions. The objective is to improve your workflow and achieve your business strategies.

Fit Gap Analysis
To achieve the best results is always directly related to the level of preparation and planning.
Fit Gap Analysis is listing the attributes and performance levels of the current system, listing factors needed to achieve future objectives and then highlighting the gaps between the two and what will be required to bridge the gap.

We do this by starting with a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and discussions and interviews with our clients to determine the real needs of the business and the time frames and operational parameters expected for the project.

Production & Workflow Analysis
To offer the right advice requires a good understanding of a client’s current business.
We spend time observing workflows and productivity to understand how the business operates and how the proposed changes will affect output and efficiencies.

Internal Capabilities Analysis
To utilise existing internal resources can save duplication and extra costs.
We investigate available internal resources such as equipment a client may already have available that could be redeployed in the proposed changes. Also existing staff can often have a good understanding of the systems and can therefore be utilised to perform certain tasks to achieve some of the changes required.

Change Management Analysis
To introduce positive change can still create uncertainty but it will be worth it when the change brings better business outcomes.
We look at how the proposed changes will impact on productivity, staff and management both during the implementation and after the Go-Live period. We can then provide a road map of how to manage the expected changes during this process.

Requirement Specification Document
To make the right decisions, you must have the right supporting information at hand.
After the initial consultation, we are able to provide a document outlining the key requirements that have been identified by the client with the resulting benefits and any anticipated workflow changes.

Benefits of Consultancy with AV Intelligence

  • We listen to our Clients needs
  • We understand the Client objectives for their management, IT and production
  • We observe Client workflows and systems
  • We look for improvements and efficiencies that can be achieved
  • We suggest ways to minimise change impact during the process
  • We include the Client in discussions about strategies and options
  • We assist the Client to achieve the desired outcomes


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