SANLink2 Thunderbolt 2 Bridge Adaptor

Twenty gigabits per second.
The SANLink2 uses Intel’s revolutionary Thunderbolt 2 connectivity to bridge together desktop and portable systems directly to a  high-speed Fibre Channel SAN. With 20Gbps speed of Thunderbolt 2, and multiple network connectivity including Fibre Channel & 10G SFP+ options, SANLink2 introduces an entirely new storage connectivity that the world has never before seen – until now.
High-speed connectivity meets the Mac Pro.
The future of desktop computing meets high-speed Fibre Channel SAN connectivity with the powerful new Mac Pro and SANLink2. And now, a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro can also directly connect to 10Gb Ethernet into the network. Blend two of the world’s most advanced technologies together to create the perfect multimedia work environment where system performance transcends into something of artistic brilliance.
4K workflow solution
Whenever high-speed capabilities are placed into the equation, everything changes. With SANLink2, all storage bottlenecks for desktop and portable computing systems are immediately alleviated through the introduction of Fibre Channel or 10GbE connectivity into the work process.
4K (Ultra HD) environments consisting of bandwidth-hogging post-production and broadcasting operations now become seamless workflows where downtime ceases to exist.
8G Fibre Channel
2X 8 Gbps FC ports

2X Thunderbolt2 ports

Transfer Rates
800 Mbps @ 8G

400 Mbps @ 4G
200 Mbps @ 2G
10G SFP+
2X 10G SFP+ Ethernet Ports
2X Thunderbolt2 portsTransfer rates
1G @ 10Gb
100MB @ 1000Mb
2X 10GBase-T Ports
2X Thunderbolt2 portsTransfer Rates
1G @ 10Gb

100MB @ 1000Mb
10MB @ 100Mb