MXF Server

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MXFserver, all your NLE’s in a network

MXFserver is a software only total solution for film, broadcast and post-production. It gives editors the freedom to open projects in different editingsystems simultaneously. MXFserver works with your nonproprietary state of the art storage of choice.
CHOOSE Avid®, Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Final Cut Pro 7® and/or EDIUS®
SECURE PROJECT SHARING direct from ANY certified highend storage
ADVANCED PROJECT & BIN-LOCKING and unique meta data controller
SUPER FAST secure and exclusive virtual file system
MIX, RE-USE OR MIGRATE (existing) NLE’s on Mac and PC in SD,HDor 4K/U-HD; SAVE on your investments
MEDIA MANAGEMENT SUITE with intelligent Ingest, Project, Rights and Storage management
INTEGRATES ALSO with e.g. ProTools®, axle™, EVS, Adobe® Audition®, After Effects®, Prelude® Anywhere®* and others

MXFserver, browse, search, select and share

• Ingest files (MXF-QuickTime-GoPro®) from camera, local drive or network

• Anyone can ‘spot’ from any (remote) pc/laptop and create EDL’s

• Unknown fast and with shortcuts support

• Supports LOW as well as full HIGH resolution

• Search on project level with built-in search engine, access metadata and check status on projects

• Add axle™ to web-access (archive) footage from any phone, iPad or laptop-pc

• Add Prelude® to support editing and transcoding

MXFserver, edit easier, faster and binlocked

• Advanced BIN-locking with virtual files

• Faster editing direct from any certified storage

• Supports -all- MXF, QuickTime and now also GoPro® formats

• Freedom of Choice: Avid®, Adobe® Premiere® Pro Final Cut Pro® 7, Grass Valley® EDIUS® and/or DaVinci Resolve®

• NEW Adobe Premiere® Pro plug-in with integrated MXFserver project management

• Integrates with: EVS, LSM, Pro Tools®, After Effects®, Adobe® Audition®, Prelude® and soon Adobe® Anywhere®*

MXFserver, Media Management Suite

• Mac and Windows clients

• No copying at all with one file system

• Super fast and secure due to Unique Non-destructive Virtual files

• Workstations have direct access to storage in a controlled environment

• Choose and mix your own NON-proprietary storage

• Standard Ethernet and state of the art Fiber support up to serial 40 Gbps

• OPEN SQL database

• LTO/TSM integration for archiving

• Redundancy and easy migration operating alongside current Avid® ISIS® systems


Working with MXFserver is easy! We’ve made video tutorials to help you getting started. The tutorials cover the basics of our software.


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