Evo 8 Bay

The 8 Bay Starts With:


  • A 64-bit, multi-core CPU, 2U storage server
  • SAN and NAS sharing
  • 8 SATA/SSD drive bays
  • 2 x 1 Gb/s Ethernet SAN/NAS ports (Expandable)
  • Unlimited licenses of ShareBrowser Desktop Client
  • Unlimited licenses of SANmp Windows & Mac SAN sharing software
  • Unlimited licenses of globalSAN iSCSI Initiator for Mac OS X
  • 600W Power Supply (Optional redundant power supplies)


With the available 8 Bay EVO options, you can:

  • Add up to eight drives in EVO Base
  • Increase Ethernet ports for a total of ten GbE ports
  • Add Fibre Channel ports for a total of four ports
  • Add multiple 10Gb Ethernet ports

A fully configured EVO 8 Bay can support a total of 8 disks and up to ten clients without needing a switch. But if you’d prefer to use a switch, that’s OK, too…


Advanced Features

EVO also includes features such as advanced disk-provisioning that enables drives to be arranged into storage pools, each capable of containing one or more volumes. Individual volumes can each be assigned a discrete RAID level, meaning the flexibility to choose what matters most: performance, reliability, usable space, or a mix of all three. For the most demanding applications, EVO offers the ability to dedicate any pool’s bandwidth to a specific task such as ingesting video.


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