EditShare Xstream EFS

The Storage Game-Changer

XStream EFS Brings Enterprise-Class Performance and Features at Breakthrough Pricing

XStream Storage

XStream EFS

EditShare XStream EFS is a powerful distributed scale-out file system developed for media intensive workflows. It’s designed from the ground up to support large-scale workgroups requiring high-bandwidth, high-volume media ingest, transcoding, online collaborative editing and multiplatform distribution of HD, 2k, 4k and beyond.

Feature highlights

  • High-performance, low latency storage
  • Choice of 1.5U and 3U storage nodes
  • Scales to many petabytes and hundreds of millions of files
  • Accelerates media workflows – ingest, collaborative editing and playout
  • Ready for Uncompressed 2K, 4K and beyond
  • “Single Namespace” File System expands as storage is added
  • No downtime during expansion
  • Automatic rebalancing of data when new nodes are added
  • Multiple levels of redundancy provide highest levels of data protection
  • Forward-thinking architecture maximizes usable storage
EFS 1stack

An XStream EFS system can start as small as 96TB and scale up to 5 petabytes.

Performance and resiliency

XStream EFS is based on 16-drive storage nodes, each with their own motherboard, CPU and hardware RAID-6 configuration. Every individual node has read/write performance that can exceed 2GB/sec, as well as redundancy that can survive the loss of any two drives.

XStream EFS systems start with a minimum of three nodes, connected by 10 Gigabit or 40 Gigabit Ethernet. Whenever you write a file to an XStream EFS system, pieces of your data – along with a second level of redundancy information – get spread out across multiple nodes in such a way that you get the combined speed of the nodes plus extra security that will protect your files, even if an entire node fails. All file metadata is written to redundant high-availability metadata controllers. EFS gives you blazing performance plus rock-solid reliability.

Each XStream EFS system offers multiple layers of redundancy that can tolerate the failure of multiple drives, including the failure of an entire node.

Tremendous scalability

Expanding an XStream EFS system is as simple as adding a new node and clicking a few buttons on a web page. In the background, pieces of data are immediately re-distributed until each node has roughly the same amount of free space. During the rebalancing process, the EFS system is fully usable, and when the expansion operation completes, your system is bigger and faster than ever before. No matter how big you make your EFS system, you will always have just one logical volume (or “namespace” as it is often called). That means you will never have to split up your files between multiple physical volumes just because they don’t all fit on one.

diagram expansion

Accelerates collaborative media workflows

XStream EFS is designed from the ground up to support end-to-end media workflows, and comes with our Flow Production MAM platform from the go. It offers outstanding integration with industry standard broadcast and post-production systems from a range of manufacturers, supporting realtime ingest, editing and playout workflows.

A hallmark of EditShare storage, XStream EFS also includes advanced project sharing functionality, further enhancing the overall workflow with collaborative editing for Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, Grass Valley EDIUS and other workgroups.

And because each XStream EFS node is itself in a RAID configuration, users get the speed and quality they need for high-bandwidth editing of uncompressed HD, 2K, 4K and beyond. The performance expands linearly with each node added to the system. So, this means that a system with four nodes has 1.25-times the performance compared to three nodes, a system with five nodes has 1.5-times the performance, seven nodes has 2-times the performance, and so on.

efs integrations

Intelligent administration

Like all EditShare storage systems, XStream EFS is simple to use and manage. With just a few clicks in the EditShare Manager administration tool, users can create dedicated “spaces” for different projects, expand or contract the size of those spaces on the fly (up to the total size of the storage), and of course, set user and group rights. EditShare solutions such as Flow and Ark natively understand XStream EFS storage, and thus any spaces created in XStream EFS automatically appear as Asset Management and Backup/Archive locations.

Advanced file system features for any environment

While XStream EFS was designed specifically with media production in mind, in truth it’s a great solution for any other environment that needs scale-out storage – whether that’s a research laboratory, a cloud service provider, a financial institution or a video on demand center. The file system itself includes built-in Quality of Service, Quota control, support for ACLs and Extended Attributes and much more.


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