Cinegy Air Pro & Solo

Playout and Automation

Cinegy Air PRO

airReal-time playout server and multi-channel broadcast automation softwareDelivering a channel is complex with many interconnected elements costing money, requiring management and needing maintenance. Cinegy Air simplifies these challenges by supporting multiple channels with multiple features in a single box. Cinegy Air delivers Dolby Digital encoding, EAS, Nielsen watermarking and Cinegy Type channel branding as one integrated software solution.


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Cinegy Air SOLO

cinegy_air_express_largeReal-time playout server and broadcast automation softwareCinegy Air SOLO is the new entry-level version of the successful Cinegy playout products that is used by hundreds of TV channels around the globe. It has more features and capabilities than most other vendor’s solutions, which are also many times more expensive. Affordability is not just limited to the price of the software. Operating and maintaining Cinegy Air SOLO is considerably easier and less expensive than other existing solutions.


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