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For most broadcast professionals, buying storage is like buying life insurance. Both are unloved; both are a must have; and, in both cases, wrong decisions aren’t discovered until it’s too late. Unfortunately when purchasing storage, broadcasters often make bad choices. After investing in expensive solutions from reputable storage companies, they discover that traditional manufacturers don’t understand broadcast and high-bandwidth multimedia environments.
just: playjust:play is an Apple based, 24/7 automated broadcast playout server. just:play plays SD/HD movies, integrates live feeds, router and GPI events as well as real-time graphics including corner logos, lower thirds and tickers that update manually or automated from RSS feeds, XML data sources and remote databases.

just: livejust:live is designed to meet the fast-paced, time-critical demands of Live TV broadcast, including news, sports and talk shows. just:live streamlines the playout of your on-air videos and real-time graphics in any live situation while maintaining full control over the attributes of movies and graphics files.

just: newsWith its innovative user interface and powerful feature set, ToolsOnAir´s Broadcast Suite enables TV and News stations to easily integrate ENPS, OCTOPUS and OpenMedia newsroom systems and run stories with professional video and realtime graphic templates for news, weather, stock, sports, and other broadcast events. Final delivery is then achieved through just:live, the live based playout system built with the fast paced news workflows in mind.

just in multi
just: in multijust:in multi is an innovative Apple Macintosh-based ingest solution that offers crash, loop, batch and scheduled recording. A comprehensive ingest solution for single / multi-camera or VTR setups, just:in multi is designed to seamlessly integrate into the production workflow of any TV station or post-production facility.
just:in multi allows to record multiple video sources directly into the professional mainstream QuickTime, AVFoundation QuickTime, MXF OP1a, Avid OP-Atom MXF and MP4 containers.

live: cut
live:cut is designed to make the most of today´s multi-camera productions, dramatically reducing production time by eliminating many time-consuming production processes. From talk and game shows to soaps and sitcoms up to live concerts and event recordings, live:cut is a powerful solution for any multi-camera production.
composition: builderWith its innovative user interface and powerful feature set, composition:builder enables small and mid-sized TV stations to easily create and implement professional real-time graphic templates for news, weather, stock, sports, and other broadcast events. These templates can then be used within just: play and just: live.


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