Meet The Team


Doug Braddock
Doug is the Director, a System Architect, one of the Senior Engineers and a lot more. With over twenty years in the industry, Doug is not only an experienced film/video editor and post production supervisor but also one of the country’s leading engineers in post production technology, edit suite design and construction, collaborative editing and media storage.

Roger Brown
Roger is our Financial Controller. He has extensive accounting experience and has held a number of senior roles in both the public and private sectors. Part of his job is ensuring our team members and suppliers are paid so we all love him. When Roger isn’t working he likes to bodyboard, ski and go tramping.



Cliff Tyler
Cliff has worked in electronics for over 30 years. He has been responsible for the design and production of audio and radio equipment, single board computers and electronic alarms. Cliff has designed and project managed many computer based systems for a variety of real time applications.

Howard Kramer
Howard’s 30 years in film and television include film laboratory work, video producing, editing 6000+ commercials, building numerous suites, and lots of technical problem solving. He’s just as comfortable whether he is operating the vision switcher for a multi camera shoot, editing a documentary, researching IMX media compatibility, or installing a routing switcher.


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